Coin Operated Vibrating VR Simulator with 360 Degree Rotating Platform 9D VR Game Machine

Coin Operated Vibrating VR Simulator w ith 360 degree Rotating Platform 9D VR game machine W hat is Vibrating VR simulator? Vibrating virtual reality simulator is the latest VR gun shooting game machine, using VR glasses to get into the game and fight with the walking dead, monster, etc. You can...

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Product Details

Coin Operated Vibrating VR Simulator with 360 degree Rotating Platform 9D VR game machine



What is Vibrating VR simulator?

Vibrating virtual reality simulator is the latest VR gun shooting game machine, using VR glasses to get into the game and fight with the walking dead, monster, etc. You can not only experience the latest VR movies, but also can play the gun shooting games. And you can have a roller coaster, cars driving and earthquake effect experience.

Why choose Vibrating VR simulator?
1. Interactive gun shooting games, easy to attract teenager and young adult.
2. The highest profit and fast return for latest vr product.
3. Suitable for all aged customers, can share with friend and family together.
4. Exclusive movies and games differ in others, ensure good business.
5. Attractive and colorful model design.
The characteristic for Vibrating VR simulator
1. Compared with the traditional entertainment industry, this project will bring more profits
2. Low obstacle and little investment, easy to select a place to run.
3. Individualized customization, Flexible configuration.
4. Motion platform, move Left and right, backward and forward according to the games.
5. Gun shooting interactive games.
6. 360° panoramic simulation.
7. More than 80 games.
8. Easy move and small spaces.

Advantage of standing vibration VR virtual reality

1、Low cost, fast return. Use DC motor to save cost and guarantee the entertainment effect at the same time!

2、Spring vibration platform + vibration motor, simple structure, low failure rate!

3、Easy operation and no need seat belt, small and easy to transport!

4、Vibration frequency is adjustable!

5、Soft vibration, comfortable experience!

6、Delicate appearance, appearing with LED lights from inside, up and down vibration platform with good visual effect!

Profit Analysis

Income of 2 sets Vibrating VR simulato

Ticket price

Working time

Movies / hour

Conversion mode


One Day


6 hours

6 movies

7*5 *5*2


One Day


10 hours

6 movies



One Month






Easyfun Competitive Advantage

1. More than 10 years manufacturing experience, the most professional factory of 5D 7D,9D VR factory;

2. Clients from more than 100 countries.

3. Independent research and development software and hardware;

4. Professional team to provide you professional technical support.

5. 24 hours professional sales team work for you.

6. All of products have passed CE/ROHS/SASO certification.

7. Our technicians can go to different countries to help customers solve problems.

8. Remote Assistance quick service that is our most advantage.


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