Shooting Battle Game 9D VR Treadmill Machine VR Walker Simulator Machine for Fighting Game and Sport

Shooting Battle Game 9D VR Treadmill Machine VR Walker Simulator machine for fighting game and sport Introduction of VR walker simulator Easyfun virtual reality VR Walker simulator ( VR walker is also known as VR treadmill) aims to provide a strain-free movement and risk-free VR gaming...

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Product Details

Shooting Battle Game 9D VR Treadmill Machine VR Walker Simulator machine for fighting game and sport


Introduction of VR walker simulator 

Easyfun virtual reality VR Walker simulator ( VR walker is also known as VR treadmill) aims to provide a strain-free movement and risk-free VR gaming experience.

Low Constraint - It separates the space of body movement and the support structure. Without a ring or column surrounding you, it allows you to chop, wave, pick, beat, kick, run sharply and more.

You can move freely and securely without constraint or worrying about hitting anything. You can swing your arms naturally or rest your hands by your sides, getting closer to a natural walking posture.

Different games call for different movements. Easyfun VR Walker allows you to switch to different actions anytime you want, so you can sit down to drive or fly when a game requires it.


Natural walking - When we walk in real life, friction helps propels us forward.. Without friction we cannot walk normally. Friction less walking is awkward (like walking on ice) and you must pay close attention to stay balanced.

To make walking in VR feel more natural, Easyfun VR Walker uses special high-friction material and the constant force of rolling friction by using special shoes to simulate real walking forces and human motion. This makes you feel like you are walking on real ground instead of sliding walk. With normal friction, it is easier to keep balance and it will decrease the time it takes anyone to learn to use Easyfun VR Walker.

Easyfun VR Walker uses a cambered base to transfer gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy, and to reproduce the movement locus.


Technical Parameters





Power Rating




Bearing Load


Number of players



Packing Size


Occupied area

Length and width: 2*2m

Immersion helmet


Number of games



Product Feature 

The first VR Walker applying on commercial project all over the country, it originality mapped the player's true movement (walking, running, standing) into virtual scene, which really to meld the player’s movement and the game characters into one.

1. VS. Game fighting + fitness sport, entertainment and fitness at the same time, double benefit!

2. The first one has commercial function in the country; award a number of patent certification!

3. It can realize local area network for multiplayer games with more great fun!

4. 360°view of experience, completely in virtual reality scene!

5. Player can easily run into the virtual world to master the game characters by running and walking!


What is the advantage of Exclusive Copyright Movies?

1. The VR movies are made by our Professional Movies Production Team.

2. Provide with English Language movies and Interactive games.

3. Update the vr movies every month.

4. Different theme of movies for your choose, adventure, cartoon, horror, war, culture etc to suite all kind of customers.



Q: Where can you run the virtual reality motion simulator and what is the size of the room it requires?

A: Shopping mall, amusement park, airport, theater, scenic promotion spots, Theme park, auto show, around the school ect, Tourist attractions, all kinds of Club (including private company club and racking club), KTV, etc.

* Tourist attractions.
* All kinds of Club, including private company club and racking club.
* Star hotels.
* KTV.
* Movie theater, home theater.
* Arcade.
* Auto show.

* Supermarket.
* Science promotion activities and so on.

Many locations are suitable because it just needs 2-9 spare meters to place the full set of machine.


Packaging & shipping:

Packing details: Air bubble film + Stretch films + Strong Wood frame
Delivery time: 7-10 days after receiving the deposit


After sale service:

1. Dispatching our technician to your location to complete the installation and teach you daily maintenance; or we will send you diagram, instructions, pictures and videos to show it for installation;

2. One year free spare parts send by DHL/FedEx, and whole life of technical support; 

3. We have our professional designer, can supply and design the ticket for you. Help you to do advertisements attracting more people and win the market.


Profit Mode For Three sets VR Walker

Income Of Three sets VR Walker

Ticket price

Working time


times for

one hour

Conversion mode


One Day


5 hours

5 movies



One Day


10 hours

8 movies



One Month





Weekend: One Month 8 days

Daily: 22 Working Days